Vehicle Finance

In order to apply for vehicle finance please contact us on 011 478 1777 or 011 507 3000 and we will send you a finance application form.

Finance Calculator

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Applying for finance


  • Valid personal information: ID or passport number, proof of residential and postal address not older than 3 months
  • Marital status: Spouse details (if applicable), valid ID or passport number, residential address and postal address
  • Employment details, including name of company, duration of employment, company address and company contact details
  • Contact information: Contact information for a relative/friend who has a different residential address to yours
  • Banking details: Account number
  • Insurance details (if applicable)
  • Car details: Details of the vehicle you wish to purchase, as well as the dealer you will be purchasing from. The dealer information is not compulsory but will be required before a final decision can be made on your application
Download Finance Application Form